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Whether you’re searching for information on healthy, non-toxic homes and work places or a link about mold and lead based paint, we have it. Researching renewable energy sources like solar panels, wind generators or geothermal heating/cooling system to determine if the payback makes sense for your existing home, click on our Green Resources button. Want to know about the available grants, incentives and tax deductions for renewable energy?...view the same tab.

Curious about the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae mortgage programs, Rural Development loans, foreclosures and short sales?... view our Home Ownership section.

Want to preserve the family farming operation? Does a conservation easement make financial sense for your farm or ranch property? …see the resources in our Conservation section.

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Real Estate Resources

Our eco resources are here to provide you more information and insight on the issues we feel are important to sustainable living and sustainable lifestyles.